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Closing 2007:

Mount Dora Renniger's Antique Show; VoltAmp Medical Battery, Induction Coil; English Ignition Coil; Victorian Switches; Mejla; A few pictures of Mejla; And Mejla, Our Bulldog...A few more of Mejla... We would have had a few more updates in 2007 but she ate the camera.  We managed to salvage the memory stick and the battery though!
Restoring a Victorian Loo:  Updating the bathroom in our house.
A different sort of turn of the century restoration.  Many thanks, Kevin.
Jeff Be-Who?
Meet the curator...
Forgotten Physicians, Authors, Friends, and Family

Frederick Finch Strong, William Benham Snow,
Noble Murray Eberhart, Thomas Burton Kinraide,
Thomas Stanley Curtis, Earle Lewis Ovington,
William James Morton, John Worrell Keely,
Frank S. Betz, Sinclair Tousey, James Eastman,
James Seeley, Howard Jackson, ...
15kV Single Pancake Coil Test
15kV Bipolar Pancake Coil Test - 12"+ Discharges
From the family archive of Thomas Stanley Curtis!
Negative Discharges from Primary Coil to Tesla Ball Terminal
Thomas Stanley Curtis Reproduction - Small Oudin Resonator
Solid bakelite slab and simple handmade form.
Thomas Stanley Curtis Reproduction - A Classic Oudin Resonator
Produces a 12" discharge.  Made with hard woods, marble, silk-covered
wire, bakelite, brass, ...  the old-fashioned way!
Schematic of Tesla Coil For Producing Electric Phenomena
(Specifically designed for Pancake Coils)
Fitzgerald Star-Rite Violet Ray Electrodes
Thomas Stanley Curtis Oudin Coil Reproduction
The most impressive cylindrical- secondary table-top Tesla Coil I have ever seen!
Solid State Low Voltage Tesla Coil :)
Okay not really.  A spark gap Tesla Coil operating with only a 240V transformer!
Rogers Violet Ray Booklet
Burdick Light Therapy Magazine - January 1925
Carbon Arc Lamps, Air-Cooled  and Water-Cooled Mercury Quartz Lamps
Medical Record Volume 64 - July 4 1903 - December 26, 1903
Notes from American Electrotherapeutic Association, Physicians using Kinraide Coils,
Cancer Treatments from William James Morton, Piffard's Hyperstatic Transformer &
Spirals, Articles by Dr. Sinclair Tousey, Kassabian, William Benham Snow, Rockwell,...
Noble M. Eberhart - A Brief Manual Of Physiotherapy
A different Eberhart high frequency book that includes Diathermy Machines...
Thomas Stanley Curtis - Everyday Mechanics; Tesla and Oudin Coil
Plans for an 18" Spark at 1/2 KW.

Amazing files from a collector of radio and wireless magazines.
Phantom Streamers and Oscillatory Negative Discharges made
with a Tesla Coil using a wax-insulated output terminal
4" Pancake Coil for producing "Phantom Streamers"
Electrograph Showing Negative "Phantom" Streamers:
Faint discharges can be seen at the ends of the sparks extending
outward a distance of several inches
H. G. Fischer & Co. Chicago, Ill.
Catalog Of Electro - Surgical - Medical - Equipment
Accessories And Supplies - Number 36 - 1939-40
Fischer's Magazine - 1923
Fischer's Magazine - 1924
Original Kinraide Coil Test - Bipolar Arrangement
Original Kinraide Coil Test
Low Voltage Therapy with the New Burdick Morse Wave Generator
Liebel Flarsheim Fever Therapy
Fischer Abstracts Of Galvanic and Contractile Currents Therapy
Fischer Universal Low Voltage Generator
Model J Operating Instructions
Fischer Low Voltage Technic For Model J
Fischer Senior FO / LO Operating Instructions

Fischer FO / LO Instructions for Motor / Pump
H. G. Fischer, McIntosh, Liebel Flarsheim, General Electric, Grebb X-Ray
Mailing Envelopes
Brief Resume Of Diathermy And Light Therapy
H. G. Fischer Physiotherapeutic And X-Ray Supplies And Accessories
1926 Catalogue
Mejla vs. Morse:  $200 worth of books eaten by Bulldog!
Our bulldog
ate a valuable package from the mail slot!
Electro-Therapeutics With The Morse Wave Generator
Frederick H. Morse
The Galvanic Current And Low Voltage Wave Currents In
Physical Therapy
Signed by Frederick H. Morse.  Written by Morse and Betton.
Low Volt Currents Of Physiotherapy
Frederick H. Morse
A Brief Outline:  The History Of  H. G. Fischer Corp.
H. G. Fischer - Motor And Pump Instructions
H. G. Fischer / Thompson Plaster Eurisco Instructions
Dr. Howard Plank Actinctotherapy And Allied Physical Therapy /
Diathermy Hyperpyrexia Electrodes
Birtcher Vaginal and Rectal/Prostate Electrodes for Short Wave Diathermy
The Burdick Syllabus
Monthly Electrotherapeutic Physical Therapy Magazine
H. G. Fischer Combined Galvanic Sinusoidal Currents
H. G. Fischer - The Continuous Current
H. G. Fischer - Explanation Of The Electro-Diagnosis Charts
H. G. Fischer - DSP-20 Shockproof X-Ray Machine
H. G. Fischer - Low Voltage Instructions, Letter from VP Peter Musket
H. G. Fischer - Shockproof X-Ray Catalogue
General Electric / GE Spark Gap Shockproof Diathermy Machine
Liebel Flarsheim Short Wave Diathermy Machine and FFC Paperwork
McIntosh Sinustat and Polysine Low Voltage Generators
H. G. Fischer Research Dept.
Ogden - Treatment Of Hemorrhoids  By Galvanism
GE / Victor - Diathermy In Genito-Urinary Diseases
GE / Victor - Electro-Surgery and Electrosurgery, 2 articles.
GE/ Victor - Treatment of Tumors of the Bladder with Diathermy
A dedication to Thomas Stanley Curtis!
2KW Bipolar Wireless/X-Ray Tesla Coil tests...
Quenched Spark Gap Tests with Oudin Resonator
Electrical Influence Machines - John Gray
The Construction Of Large Induction Coils - A. T. Hare
3/4" Tungsten Dual Quenched Spark Gap

"Stationary-Adjustable" Spark Gap

1.25" Diameter Tungsten Quenched Spark Gap #2

1.25" Diameter Tungsten Spark Gap!
Quenched Gap mounted to 6" aluminum heat sinks!
H. G. Fischer Type F Violet Ray
Type K Electro-Therapeutic Cabinet

Many thanks to the Kincaids for this booklet!
A. S. Aloe SuperDiatherm Floor Model Diathermy Machine
A. S. Aloe SuperDiatherm Floor Model Diathermy Machine Manual
Fitzgerald "Star-Rite" Violet Ray Instructions:
The most unusual Violet Ray instructions ever written on paper... unusual, we've decided to call it "Star-Wrong".
From the ever-growing unusual collection of Frank Jones Rarities!
Scheidel Western X-Ray Coil and "Columbia" Violet Ray
Moving a Monster:  Closeup Photos Outdoors of
an H. G.  Fischer Interrupterless X-Ray Machine
Electricity Is Poison!  Electro-Static Eliminator

The Incredible Life Of John Worrell Keely - by
Julius Mortizen  (1899)

The Last Known Photos Of The Keely Motor
from Kinraide's Laboratory (1899)
Bipolar Pancake Coil:  Using a Plate Capacitor for an
Adjustable Top Load
Piffard Hyperstatic Transformer:
Tesla Coil powered by a Static Electric Machine

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