The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

What's New in 2009...
Part B

Last Updated:  22. April 2009
Massachusetts Department Of Mental Diseases
Burdick Cabinet Company Blueprints And Instructions For Quartz Lights
H. G. Fischer - Diathermy Theory And Practice
H. G. Fischer Reprints:  Industrial Physiotherapy / The Uses Of Physiotherapy (Renal Disease)
G-X Genito-Urinary Diathermy Electrode / General X-Ray Company Boston Mass.
National Therapeutic Arc Carbons
Instructions For Installing And Operating The New Lightning 4000mA Diathermy Cabinet - A. S. Aloe Co.
Behary Tesla Powered Static Machine Details

YouTube Video:

YouTube Electrotherapy Museum Video Part 1 of 3

YouTube Electrotherapy Museum Video Part 2 of 3

YouTube Electrotherapy Museum Video Part 3 of 3
YouTube 8 minute 22 second Video:  The Quest For Kinraide
(Details of the earliest surviving Tesla Coils from 1897-1899)
Experimental Portable Tesla Apparatus:  Combination d'Arsonval (Diathermy) / Tesla Pancake Coil

YouTube Video:
Featured Tesla Coil:  1650V 10mA coil producing cold sparks
Featured Tesla Coil:  1650V 10mA coil producing hot  sparks
Radicon Bus - Powered by Tesla / Marconi wireless concepts.  Similar control as Tesla's remote control boat!  Endless thanks to Frank for this!
Interesting Conical Micrometer Spark Gap - Tesla Coil power supply built in a cigar box!
Rare Portrait Photo Of Thomas Burton Kinraide
Micrometer Spark Gap - Accurate to 1 / 10,000" and less!
Tom Vale's Mini Tesla Coil
6" Pancake Tesla Coil Operated from Power Supply
built on an Edison Record;
6" Pancake Tesla Coil Operated by Power Supply housed in 3" x 4" x 5" Cigar Box
(3-4" Sparks, only 16.5 Watts Of Power...?!)
Construction and Experimentation with dual-wire Tesla Secondary Coil
Baby Tesla Coil, 1.9" x 8.875". 
1KW Input Power
Micrometer Spark Gap Inspired By Thomas Burton Kinraide
Chas A. Branston Radio Inductance Coils
Letter from Renulife!
Kinraide Patents Filed In Germany
December 1920 Kinraide Legal Separation Headlines
Exhibited with permission from Boston Globe archives
Marty's Betz-Morgan High Frequency & X-Ray Coil
Experimental Tungsten Cam Spark Gap
Booklet for McIntosh Hogan - Super Rare!!
Chloride Of Silver Dry Cell Faradic Batteries Catalogue
Photographs from Campbell Electric Company!
Tar and Paraffin Wax insulated Pancake Coil
Vitalus - Au Service De La Therapeutique Moderne
French Violet Ray Manual
Nature's Helper - Campbell Infra Red Ray Lamp
Shutts & Walters Co. - Distributors of Victor, Scheidel Western, Van Houten & Ten Broek; Finsen Lamp; W. B. Snow Electrodes
Electrotherapy With Wm Meyers XXX Wall Plate / Galvanic Faradic Battery
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