The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

What's New in 2009...
Part C

Last Updated:  18. July 2009
Tesla Impedance Circuits
Unipolar / Single Pole Kinraide Coil, Stained
Unipolar / Single Pole Kinraide Coil
Steam Punk Violet Rays In Action; Inside - Out Violet Ray Coil
(Miniature High Frequency Induction Coil)
Steampunk Violet Ray Resonator:  My interpretation of what a Violet Ray
would have looked like 20 years earlier...
More Steampunk Violet Ray Handles
Steampunk Violet Ray Double Resonator
Making a replacement Violet Ray Coil...

A look at Violet Ray Resonator (Disruptive Discharge/Tesla) Coils
Boyd's Miniature Galvanic Battery
Thomas Edison's Violet Ray Electrodes:  Ediswan High Frequency!!!

Non-Inductive Leads to Tesla Pancake Coils;
Tesla Pancake-Coil Powered Static Machine
Send us your photos if you've visited us in person!
Operating a Tesla Coil from low voltage Sinusoidal Outputs of an A.S. Aloe Diathermy Machine (less than 25 volts)
Dr. Joel P. Giles, Enid Chiropractor
From Dr. Joel P. Giles, Early Chiropractor:
Engeln Diathermy Machine Instructions
Short Wave Oscilloclast and Depolaray
Inductive Kickback Lighter - Restored by Tom Vales
YouTube Video:  12" Discharges from an 8.25" Diameter Pancake Coil
Mesh Fiberglass Tape Reinforced Wax Pancake Coils
Lower Frequency Flat Spiral Pancake Coils.  Initial Testing.
Convert a wine box into an X-Ray Tube Stand!
Radicon Bus Instructions - In English!
Kenneth Scott's Tesla Coils
03 June 2009 - Tesla Coil / d'Arsonval Fireworks or Spark-lers

You Tube video:
"If you like coffee, go to the June Bug..."

This is something very very very special about the June Bug Cafe in Jamaica Plain, Mass.
Alrededor Del Mundo:  Imagenes curiosas de la electricidad
Around The World:  Curious Images Of The Electricity
Thomas Burton Kinraide, July 1902
American X-Ray Journal - December 1900 Röntgen Ray Society
Kinraide, Kassabian, Monell, Waite, etc. talking about X-Ray Burns
and X-Ray Tubes Exploding (Imploding)...
Electric Spark Photos for Salesmanship
Victor:  A Little Journey Into The Realms Of The X-Ray
Protocakes:  Nine Pancake Coils for Studying Electrical Discharges

2.  Construction Photos
3.  Testing Photos / YouTube Video
Time Lapse Photos of Kinraide Coils:  Phantom Streams and Brush Discharges
9" Pancake Coil with 9" Discharges
ERA - Electronic Reactions Of Abrams
Abram's Oscilloclast

From the famous quack and "Father of Radionics"
Reproduction Kinraide Static Machine
Tesla Coil Rectifier, uses Point - Plane electrodes
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