The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

What's New in 2008...
Part A

Last Updated:  14. December 2008
NEW: We now have an OFFICIAL INDEX of the museum!
See Jeff Behary and The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum on The History Channel:  Modern Marvel's MAD ELECTRICITY
See blips of the Kilowatt Kinraide Coil, Strong-Ovington Apparatus, Curtis Tesla/Oudin Resonator, Westinghouse Stopper Lamp, etc.

Show features friends at kVA Effects, Gary Peterson, and Jane Alcorn.
An Introduction To The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum
A Hint of 2008
A Hint of 2009
Poulsen / Duddell Singing Arc Powered Tesla Coil - Initial Experiments
Antonio Longoria - Inventor of Violet Rays, Welding Processes, and a "Death Ray"...
H. G. Fischer Type CD - Cautery Diagnostics Lamp Transformer
Universal Tesla High Frequency Lecture Coil
Die Neuen Radiumhaltigen Hochfrequenz Elektroden - AEONA - Radium Violet Ray Electrodes
Tesla Lecture High Frequency Induction Coil - 6" Spark Capacity
Baby Bipolar Tesla Pancake Coils
Otis Historical Archive:
From The National Museum Of Health And Medicine
(High Resolution Photos - incredible!)
Making a small 4" Pancake Coil, 1000 turn secondary coil...
Sterling / Longoria Laboratories - Violet Ray Instruction Book
Violet Ray Coils & Components - Disassembled
Pancake Tesla Coil operated directly from 220V - 3" hot ribbon discharges!
1 mfd cap, precision spark gap .001" apart, current-limiting choke coil, 1910 Pancake Coil!
The Story Of Making A Hard Rubber / Vucanite / Ebonite Washer...from a Bowling Ball!
Maltese Cross Crookes Tube
A. S. Aloe "Lightning" Electrotherapeutic Cabinet Photos
Diagnostic Lamps, High Frequency, and Cautery Knives
Reproduction / Restored Cables For H. G. Fischer Diathermy Machines / Violet Rays
A Trip Down Memory Lane:  An Unusual Cluttered Look
at this website in 1999 and 2001...
H. G. Fischer - Actual Facts & Methods That Have Produced Sales
From the family of H. G. Fischer
H. G. Fischer Solid State Low Voltage Generator
H. G. Fischer Model 400 Deluxe Diathermy Blueprint
H. G. Fischer X-Ray Exposure Chart
H. G. Fischer Junior Portable Diathermy Apparatus
H. G. Fischer Type Y Diathermy Machine
A. S. Aloe "New Lightning"
H. G. Fischer Type Y / Combination Y / A. S. Aloe "New Lightning" Blueprints
H. G. Fischer Portable High Frequency Apparatus - Type K, D, F, J, O
Treatment of Acute Roentgen Ray Dermatitis (Walter J. Dodd)
Static Electric Experiments - Powered By a Tesla Coil Producing Phantom Streamers!
Phantom Streamer Experiments...
Rife Conference (Oct 10-12 2008) Lecture Sneek Peek...
Seattle Trip:  Photos of Seattle and the Lecture for the Rife Conference

Movie:  H. G. Fischer Dental H X-Ray Machine (Must see - Pancake Coil Extraordinaire!)
Movie:  McIntosh Portable X-Ray Coil
Movie:  Frank and Toys
Movie:  Radicon Bus (Tesla Remote Control - Spark Gap Transmitter / Receiver)
Movie:  Tiny Wimshurst Machine
On The Road To Frank's House...Seattle To Idaho!
Edison X-Ray Tube!
H. G. Fischer Dental Type H High Frequency X-Ray Machine
H. G. Fischer Diathermy Foot Switch
H. G. Fischer G Diathermy Transformer
H. G. Fischer Dental High Frequency Machine
Frank S. Betz. 1910 Portable X-Ray In Operation
Endless Crookes, Geissler, and X-Ray Tubes!
McIntosh Hogan - In Operation!
Reproduction Kinraide Jackson Coil - A Present for Frank!
Immaculate McIntosh Pancake X-Ray Coil and Violet Ray
Antiques Everywhere!
RT, Arnie, and Izzy:  Frank and Shari's kids!
High Frequency Variometer Coils for Wireless Experiments, Radio, Diathermy, etc.
Kinraide Coil Reproduction, Varnished, with movie.
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