The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

What's New in 2009...
Part D

Last Updated:  Saturday 10. October 2009
Reminiscences Of A Birdman by Robert D. Campbell
The incredible story of the life of Earle L. Ovington

Every Tesla Enthusiast needs this book!
An Introduction To The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum
Earle Lewis Ovington, Frederick Finch Strong,
and Thomas Burton Kinraide:
A trio of early Boston X-Ray and High Frequency Pioneers
Machine Of The Year: 
Frederick Finch Strong's Ajax Special Coil
Internal Components Of Ajax Special:
Photos taken by Bill Wysock
Many thanks to Bill, Francis, and Linda for these historic photos!
Striations from Crookes Tube
Hardening a vacuum with a Tesla Coil
A coffee table of gadgets to demonstrate for some Ukraine visitors
Continued Pancake Coils for Phantom Streams,
Thanks to Brian Foley!
Tesla / Oudin Coil Tests:  250 T Secondary (quadruple silk covered wire)
4.5" x 9.75" Secondary - 7500V 60mA NST Powered (.006 mfd)
My Inventions - Nikola Tesla - My Early Life:  Electrical Experimenter, Feb. 1919
Curing Soldiers' Ills with Electricity
W. D. Coolidge / GE Portable X-Ray
A Low-Tension Transformer (Carbon Arc Experiments)
A 300-W Arc Light Transformer
A High Temperature Electric Furnace For The Laboratory
(Carbon Arc)
Master Electric No. 8 Violet Ray
A Selection Of Geissler And Crookes Tubes
Highly Ornate McIntosh Faradic Battery
Wappler Ultra Violet Ray Oscillator
Galvano Cautery Galvanic Battery Set
Featured Collector from Netherlands:  Charles Den Haan
Charles made some spectacular induction coils and collects Violet Ray machines
Fischer Model 200 Short Wave Diathermy Machine - Internal Components
Physician's Equipment Co Short Wave Diathermy Machine - Internal Components
Inside Out Tesla Coil:
Primary Coil on the inside,
Secondary on the outside.
Frederick Finch Strong - A New System Of High Frequency Therapeutics
(Strong-Ovington Coil)
Some Peculiar Properties Of High Frequency Currents
Earle Ovington
Kinraide / Swett & Lewis "Boston" Ultraviolet Lamp
(Iron Arc Lamp)
Walter H. White:  New Set Of High Frequency Electrodes
for Jackson Coil (Swett & Lewis, Kinraide)
Energex / Challanger Violet Rays
The Scientific Method Of Combating Pain
Parco Super Violet Ray
Tesla Impedance Coil
"Tesla Hairpin Circuit"
Operation Photos of Point - Plane Rectifier Pancake Coil System
YouTube video documenting Phantom Streams
Using an Oscilloscope Tube to show Phantom Streams
30W Pancake Tesla Coil Producing Phantom Streams
30W Tesla Coil Tuner
Savannah Georgia Galleries:

1.  Savannah Trip
2.  Boneadventure Cemetery
3.  Dr. Richard Joseph Nunn Grave
4.  Richard Joseph Nunn Artifacts from Scottish Rite Masonic Center
5.  Dr. Eugene Rollin Corson's homes
6.  Getting Home Sick...
Victor / GE General Electric Low Voltage Galvanic Generator
Snappy White Sparks and Hot Ribbon Sparks
Oster Massager
Overbeck Rejuvenator Electrodes from Ediswan
Short Wave Diathermy Machine
Victor Tesla Pancake Coil
Waltham Speedometer (Automobile Magazine article, 1916)
4 Kilowatt Pancake Coil Tests

More Quenched Spark Gap Experiments:
3/4" Diameter Tungsten Dual Hydrocarbon Quenched Spark Gap
Plate Gap with paper washers

Military Quenched Spark Gap Tests with 9" 500T Pancake Coil

YouTube video:
Birtcher and Fischer Handheld Ultraviolet Quartz Lamps
Campbell Brothers X-Ray Pioneers, Lynn MA
Charles Edward Campbell and Fred Rupert Campbell
Restored Campbell Model D Portable  High Frequency X-Ray Coil
Campbell D Spark Photos
Flaming Arc Tests with Military Quenched Gap
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