The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

Many thanks to Frank Jones for keeping the site alive with his collection.
As can be seen, my experimenting is slowing down drastically!

What's New in 2010...
Part C

Last Updated:  Sunday 04. July 2010, 00:41 EST
An Introduction To The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum
The New Marvel In Photography / Roentgen Rays In America
Chloride Of Silver Galvanic Battery
A New Design Of Heavy Duty Spark Gap
Curtis Coil Test with MOT and Dimmer Circuit
Martin Edmund's Table Top Tesla Oscillator (Part 1)
Martin Edmund's Table Top Tesla Oscillator (Part 2)
2 Microfarad Tesla Oscillator Tests
Pidgie and the Plasma Disk
TO BE CONTINUED!  July 9 - 11:  108 Years Later
Tesla Phantom Streamers 21. June 2010 - New Arrangement

Solid State Dimmer-Driven MOT Circuit for Producing Phantom Streams
with a Pancake Coil
Solid State Dimmer Circuit For Induction Coils / Ignition Coils
Striations in Crookes / Geissler Tubes
More Tesla Bulb Experiments
Tesla Bulbs
Thomas Burton Kinraide Patent 774,759
Portable High Frequency Device and Vacuum Tube Stand
Swett & Lewis High Frequency X-Ray Tube
Antique House:  Life in Sepia
Swett & Lewis Floor Stand
(for Kinraide inventions, X-Ray Tubes, Jackson Coil, etc)
Dry Cell Batteries
Fischer Quartz Ultraviolet Floor Model Lamp
Liebel Farsheim Short Wave Floor Model Diathermy Machine
H. G. Fischer Type H Diathermy Machine
Unusual Japanese / US Late Model Faradic Battery
Wappler Excell Floor Model High Frequency Coil w/ Short Wave Diathermy
KY Lubricating Jelly for Vacuum Electrode Treatments
Homemade Leyden Jar Discharger
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