The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

What's New in 2010...
Part B

Last Updated:  Sunday 07. May 2010, 20:36 EST
An Introduction To The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum
"Pidgie":  Madeline Rose Behary
Mejla & Friends
More Phantom Streamer Photos
Article: The Scheidel-Western Company
Derek's Spark Gap:  Adjustable 4-series Tungsten Spark Gap
Gum Bi-Chromate Photography
Phantom Streams and Apparatus
Dr. Frederick Finch Strong's Theosophy Building and Science Center
Griffith Observatory Tesla Coil
Homemade Voltaic Pile
Rose High Frequency X-Ray Coil & Tube
Electroscope made from Light Bulb...
Fun with VoltAmp Champion Medical Battery
Thomas Burton Kinraide Patent Timeline
Some Magic Of Oil Painting...
Some more Magic Of Oil Painting
Article: Regarding Cancer and Tesla Coils
Phantom 2010:  A Modern Version Of Kinraide Experimentation Apparatus
Cyclone 2010:  The Latest Incarnation Of Kinraide Experimentation
H. G. Fischer Low Volt Generator Details
Aloe Diathermy Uncased
Dividing Head Tungsten Spark Gap - Adjustable in 1/1,200th - 1/14,400th of an inch increments
A Simple Interrupter
A Large Sending Condenser
Sir William Crookes Obituary
Balthazar The Magus
Reminiscences Of A Birdman by Robert D. Campbell
The incredible story of the life of Earle L. Ovington

Every Tesla Enthusiast needs this book!
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