The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

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What's New in 2010...
Part D

Last Updated:  Sunday 03. October 2010, 11:29 EST
Phantom Stream Photographs as Proof Of Kinraide Experiments
Tesla Phantom Streams / Phantom Streamers
High Resolution Electrographs Of Tesla Coil Discharges Made
With Pancake Coils Based On The Experiments Of T. B. Kinraide

Elihu Thomson Double Focus X-Ray Tube
Urban Exploration Gallery
Kinraide Adventure 2010
Travis and Cheryl's Alternating Current Kinraide Coil Gallery
Direct Current Kinraide Coil
from the Collection of Thomas B. Greenslade
Swett & Lewis Type K X-Ray Tube for Direct Current Kinraide Coils
Thomas Stanley Curtis High Frequency Apparatus
Quenched Spark Gap / Quenched Gap Apparatus
McIntosh Diathermy Machine with Conical Tesla Coil Photo Gallery 
Fischer G Diathermy Machine:  Internal vs. External Components
Fischer Type G:
Narrating and exploring a 1920's Surgical Tesla Coil
Narration and Testing Fischer Type H X-Ray Machine:
The closest thing to an original Tesla Coil!
Making a 5-series 3/4" Diameter Tungsten Spark Gap
Testing a Pancake Coil under Cast Silicone and Paraffin Oil
Testing an 8.5" Pancake Coil, Part III
Testing an 8.5" Pancake Coil, Part II
Narration and Testing of an 8.5" Pancake Coil
Testing an 8.5" Pancake Coil, 34 AWG wire, 700 turns
Testing an 8.5" Pancake Coil

Electrotherapy Museum 2010 Tesla Experiments:  Lighting, Static

Electrotherapy Museum 2010 Tesla Coil Tests:  Flaming Arcs
Combination Cylindrical / Pancake Tesla Lecture Coil
A Special Project Dedicated to Brian Foley and Frank Jones
Bipolar Phantom Stream  Experiments
Brush Discharge Experiments
High Resolution "Stuff"

Steam Punk Tesla Coil & Spark Gaps
Simplified Tesla / Kinraide Coil For Studying Electrical Discharges
Margaret Cheney
Wireless Lighting by Short Wave Diathermy
Holden's Condensator Tubes lit by Short Wave Diathermy
Wireless Lighting Demo
Tesla Phosphorescent Bulb Experiments
Tesla Phosphorescent Bulb Experiments Part II
Some Modern High Frequency Apparatus by A. K. Sloan
H. G. Fischer - Miniature X-Ray Tube from the H. G. Fischer Family
Davis & Kidder History:
Not Jermome Kidder nor Daniel Davis Involved
Eveready Faradic Battery, Thomas Hall "Electro-Magnetic Machine"
E. B. Meyrowitz X-Ray Apparatus Catalogue
Roche Electric Hygienic Machine
Thermalaide Prostate Warmer
Crookes Tube with Flowers
Geissler Tube with Heart
Holtz Tube
Electrostatic Meter
Ornamental Galvanic Batteries 
Handheld Carbon Arc Lamp 
Electric Heel Plates 
E. B. Meyrowitz X-Ray Apparatus Catalogue
The American X-Ray Journal - Feb 1904
A. T. Noe - Compendium Of Physiotherapeutic Technique
Ventril or Villard Valve Tube
Baird & Tatlock Tesla Coil (E. Ducretet)
Cossor X-Ray Tube
Windsor Magazine:  Marvels Of The New Light:
Notes On The Röntgen Rays by H. Snowden Ward
Radium High Frequency Electrodes
Curious X-Ray Tubes made from Neon Sign Tubing
Wappler AC Low Voltage Generator
Engeln Type F Diathermy Machine (Riese Collection)
Campbell Therapeutic Chair and Coil
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