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Tesla Phantom Streams / Phantom Streamers

Original experiment, reduced in resolution but approximate actual size.  

The phantom streams appear here as fine-grain effluves.  In my current apparatus, these appear as faint but distinct forked branches 1/4" thick or more.

Sparks occurring actually above the photographic paper...negative induced sparks are shown on the surface, plumous lines shown extending from the branches...

During these experiments five years ago I was not able to produce Phantom Streams in the exact nature that I am now...but you can still see
how they extend past the tips of the brush discharge, especially in the lower left quadrant of this sphere.

Showing Phantom Streams  extending from a brush discharge generated from a point (thin wire)

Its not distinct in this photo, but elements of the thick positive branches (identical in structure to Kinraide's early photos) can be seen here.

2005 Spark Discharge Tests on X-Ray Film (Lower frequency Pancake Coil, Higher Frequency Pancake Coil)

(C) Jeff Behary, 2010