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High Resolution "Stuff"!

Prague Coil Testing:  This is a very interesting photo.  If you look close at how the sparks form on the ball terminals, to the left they extend horizontally and to the right
they diverge both horizontally across the ball and also vertically along the front face.

"The Prague Coil", My first twin Pancake Coil System

Magnifier Experiments with high power Diathermy Machine (Fischer F) and "Extra" Coil


Flaming White Arc Tests.  Note the incadescent tungsten rods!

1/10 Second Exposure, Twin Pancake Coils w/ 1 Kilowatt of power

1/60th Second Exposure

"Kilowatt Kinraide" Coil

Ribbon Arcs!

Electrographs Of Pancake Coil Discharge

Branched Electrograph

Phantom Streams, Sparks

Fischer Type F Portable X-Ray Discharge

Array of Sparks, Effluves, Phantoms

Brush discharge from metal disk

Kicking Coil

Sparks with Branches

Rita as a volunteer for a PV Scientific Static Machine!

Making Spark Gaps...

One of the many gaps that never made it to the site!

A unique modern X-Ray tube

Baby Bear and her fish


Battle Creek Sanitarium / JH Kellogg Magneto Electric Machine

Rocket Propelled Grenades (Inert, of course!)
[Part of my defense research here]

(C) Jeff Behary, 2010