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Oudin Coil 2010
Revisiting a Turn Of The Century Invention

The definition of "Oudin Resonator" changed every decade or so, much like "Tesla Coil".  Electrically it is has been well-documented
prior by Tesla.  The unique thing about "Oudin's Resonator"  is the lack of wire, the use of heavy gauge wire, and definite space winding.
The diameter-to-height ratio is much smaller than most Tesla Coils (1:1.5 or 1:2 on average) and in traditional Oudin Resonators
the primary was wound on the same form as the secondary.  In the original apparatus, the coil was simply placed next to a 
d'Arsonval coil and the later tapped to the point where the Oudin was in resonance.  This is much like a Tesla Magnifying
Transmitter.  The d'Arsonval solenoid was a coarse helix, and part of it was used as a primary and the remaining part of it
the secondary coil...the Oudin Resonator forming the tertiary coil.

d'Arsonval Coils

Note d'Arsonval Coil horizontal and Oudin vertical...

Keating Hart Oudin Resonator for Fulgeration

Fulgeration Electrode

Effluve Crown

Testing.  5kV 120mA input.

Diameter of coil form is 8.625".  100 turns of 14 AWG wire, PVC coated.  3 turns of 3/8" copper ribbon for Primary.
Capacitor is only .004 mfd.

Testing now with 1/4 power.  Much better!

This is producing Phantom Streams, but honestly Kinraide's Jackson Coil does a much better job!  It is still very cool though!

Painted black and stained.

Dream apparatus!  Operated by a 24" IINDUCTION COIL!!!!! WOW!!

Get a load of the Franklin Plates on this one!!

These next images are enough to make a grown man cry:

From Frank's Scheidel Western Catalogue...

...and Schall Catalogue!!

(C) Jeff Behary, 2010