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A Goldmine of Crookes Tubes from Frank!
(And a new cabinet to safely keep them!)
(I can't even begin to Thank You for these treasures!!)

Lutz Neumann Persistence Of Gas Tube

ETP Puluj Tube

Wolfgang Linschmann's Tesla Tube (Phosphorescent bulb)
(Actually, Alastair pointed out this is really an Ebert Tube,
whose work was very reminiscent of Tesla and JJ Thomson...
stay tuned for articles by Ebert, he did some amazing research!)

Lutz Electric Crookes Radiometer

Look at the sphere!

Really nice!

It spins too!


This needs darkness to really work!

They don't fit in here!!

New cabinet!


Beautiful Ebert Lamp, excited from only a Violet Ray to one condenser plate.

Elegant Radiometers


Very subtle

Replica original Rontgen Tube

Lutz Tesla Tube


Persistent Glow after powering down.  Cool!!

C) Jeff Behary, 2011